The Mont Blanc massif: a symbol of ongoing change

Over the centuries, the Mont Blanc massif has drawn the attention of scientists and researchers thanks to its diverse range of climates, environments, and altitudinal reach. Today, the changes that occur are so rapid and visible, we are invited to consider what the future holds for both humans and nature combined.

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Reasons for the Mont-Blanc Atlas

The massif plays host to numerous scientific studies covering a variety of disciplines, including those of CREA Mont Blanc focusing on alpine ecology. The goals of the Mont-Blanc Atlas are to capture this scientific diversity and demonstrate the workings and evolution of life in the massif, through both information and overall analyses.

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Photo du massif du mont blanc

10 min to understand a moving massif

Overall summary of the impact of climate change on natural environments

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Key indicators of change

Temperature deviation

Start and end of vegetation season by terrain



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Number of days of snow cover